Thursday, 26 February 2009

"It's fantastic!!! Keep it up and you'll touch the stars!!!"
(about the song I'm Brilliant)

friend... my English can not be very good but at least it is sufficient to say how brilliant you are... Well Above average

Ash says:
my sister says'whose sexy voice are you listening to"
Ash says:
yes.. she likes ur voice

your voice sounds very clear
[23:16:04] violeta_land963 says: and musical professional
is that because of the pc program or u are just talented

Luis said:
your might is still young
Daniela says:
: ) Is that your invention?

[c=6]Fernanda 2------6diass[/c] says:
you have a great voice...
after that....I have no "Coragem"to speak
[c=6]Fernanda 2------6diass[/c] says: you practiced too much

Darlene: “I feel it, when you speak, things change”
mar says:
( oh God I wish I could produce your words)
Roberta says:
by the way ... It was beautiful to see you singing and i just could see that you are a good player and singer

Ivanir says:
voce e um otimo contador de historias
Ivanir says:
e um lindo poeta
Ivanir says:
you are very inspiring today

Lívia says:
sua voz é bonita
Debby says:
its very beautiful voice.
~Mary Ève~ says:
its sweet

i like your soul..... i mean your style is really good

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