Monday, 30 March 2009

O Caminhar da Vida

O Caminhar da Vida
Written by Kelma and Perry

the path of life
Começe a dar seu passos
não pare
encontrará muitos motivos
mas pare apenas para pensar
se abasteça de força e prossiga

the chocolate path leads to heaven on earth
what is your heaven?
the world is more connected, reflected and assimilated
the feeling to continue
gives a new view
2 people seal the deal
finding what they want is not what they need
lead me, teach me, reach me, send me
my path has 100s of branches
join me for the ride
yeeee haaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Copyright (c) Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved

Sunday, 29 March 2009

cantores do o mundo = 246 in the world charts from 52,000 songs

the song cantores do o mundo is number 246 in the world charts from 52,000 songs

Vote 4/5 or 5/5 Here to Make Number 1

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Love Me Tender Me Ame com ternura

Porto Sentido

Porto Sentido

Quem vem e atravessa o rio / who comes and crosses the river
Junto à serra do Pilar / together the Pilar Mountain
vê um velho casario / see the old town
que se estende ate ao mar / that stretches until the sea

Quem te vê ao vir da ponte / who you see as you come to the bridge
és cascata, são-joanina / the waterfall
erigida sobre um monte / erected around the mountain
no meio da neblina / in the middle of mist

Por ruelas e calçadas / through narrow streets and by pavement
da Ribeira até à Foz / which stream into the mouth
por pedras sujas e gastas / by stones, soil and
e lampiões tristes e sós / and street lights so lonely

E esse teu ar grave e sério / and this is the serious air
dum rosto e cantaria / if it was a face it would sing
que nos oculta o mistério / to us of the occult and mysterious
dessa luz bela e sombria / of this beautiful shady light

Ver-te assim abandonada / to see you abandoned
nesse timbre pardacento / in this black and white town
nesse teu jeito fechado / in this your skills continue
de quem mói um sentimento / of who keeps the best feelings

E é sempre a primeira vez / and its always the 1st time
em cada regresso a casa / in every return to the house
rever-te nessa altivez / to review you in this
de milhafre ferido na asa /

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Saturday, 28 March 2009

I don't believe in Love Eu não acredito no Amor

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I don't believe in Love
Eu não acredito no Amor

i don't believe in love
I realise romance yes
creating chemistry
complete connection
I like a strong friendship (yes)
but I don't believe in, no I don't believe in
Love this day
Love this way
Love this ok
Love this kiss baby
but I don't believe in love
I Love Queen
from what i've seen
I don't mean to be mean
and I Want you right now
but I don't believe in, no I don't believe in
luuuuuuu wuvvvvvvvv (love)
you can love me
and I wont love you
I make this choice for 2
here's another clue
but I don't believe in, no I don't believe in
luuuvv (softer)

Girl Section

I do believe in Love la la la
kindness from above la la la
a person just for me la la la
forever us and he
so can you believe, please believe in
l o v e

kelma backing female vocals
perry barnes lyrics, melody, guitar, production copyright 2009


Top of the New Age Section

nova canção: cantores do o mundo mp3

cantores do o mundo

sitting on my bed, things in my head
you wanna be led, that's what she said

playing my day, I always say
what's your name, its me you wanna tame
lets do it for us, jump on the bus
double your lust, its a must

feed me, free me
tell me, become me
teach me, read me
give me, your next key

lyrics by perry barnes copyright 2009
female vocal by kelma

Guitar Violao Chords Cifras and Tabs for people learning or playing guitar has the best guitar tabs for english music. In fact most websites get their tabs from ultimate guitar seems to have all the brasilian portuguese tabs

is mainly for lyrics (portuguese and english) it also has the chords for big selling songs

Friday, 27 March 2009

Thursday, 26 March 2009

This Month's Top 5 Albums

1. Keane: Perfect Symmetry
>this guy holds a note so beautifully, maybe as good as their 1st album which is the biggest selling album of that year
Highlights: Playing Along, Perfect Symmetry, the david bowie influenced Better than this

2. Kate Bush: Best of
>amazing voice, its deep its high and heavenly, its unHappy its Ecstasy
Cloudbusting (backing vocals), WOW, running UP that hill (with video and dave gilmour version)

3. Marisa Monte: various
sweet heavenly voice, i haven't heard an english speaker with a voice this sweet
(vanesssa da mata may Come near)
velha infancia, 2006 album, when she sings in portuguese (not english)

4. Mark Knopfler: Shang Gri La
this guy continues to impress, his 1980s music is the absolute highlight of all music
(with the 5% of pure gold in all of music) yet he continues to do different styles amazingly
boom like that

5. Neil Diamond: 12 songs
what an amazing album!! neil diamond is in his 50s or 60s and maybe this is his best album
HIGHLIGHTS: delirious love, oh mary, hell yeah

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Reverse the Drums album @ 5 Track Limited Edition with Bonus artwork and

Reverse the Drums album @ 5 Track Limited Edition with Bonus artwork and

Anticipate Amigos: this album is ready for sale from iTunes and so download it before the price surprises you (13 track version shall be available to buy)

12 days of 283 viewers 108 Listeners

Read Portuguese then English for BIG ENGLISH LEARNING

Corrections and Improvements by Daniela Seno Gregório
and original english version Perry Barnes

De velhos dias
Ela é fria
Vivendo as estrelas
Falando rapidamente
Minha mente dança no calor
Eu sou o dobro do meu valor
A voz das pessoasAlign Centre
A vida não é boa
A vida é brilhante
Porque as invenções
São pura coincidência e
Nunca paciência
Sempre relevância
Meu império dos sonhos
Princesas chegando
Minha criação
Uma nação
Mantendo relações
Porque suas boas vibrações
Eu percebo
E você?
Outro dia
Falou sério
Hoje, hoje
Faz seu filme
Sua vida é seu filme
Sentir a lente
Perceber é uma palavra visual
Você vê?

of old days

she is cold

living the stars

with pace, speak

my mind, dances in heat

I am double my value

the voice of the people

life isn't good

life is brilliant


because of inventions

or pure coincidence

never patient

always relevant

my empire of dreams

princesses coming

my creation

a nation

maintaining relationships

for its great vibrations

I perceive

and you?

The other day

spoke seriously

today today

make your film

your life is your film

feel the lens

perceive is a visual word

you see?

Percebes the song is here:

and Rate the Song:
my reply to this post:

fantastic blog and the dylan comment made me laugh.
yes, he's hard to understand since about 20 years ago.
maybe he does that on purpose as i'm sure he can sing better than that.
his radio show "theme time radio hour" is sensational though
his voice is melodic and lyrical butter thoroughly

myself, i use bob dylan, mark knopfler as evidence that meaning and storytelling can be much more significant than vocals
most of the x factor karoke crew have good voices yet are pointless
the beatles maybe the answer to this
mccartney had/has a better voice than lennon
although his lyrics weren't as mind blowing

How to Play wine Glasses Tutorial

jesus on stilts! how informative is this guide from kids?
its funny too,
there is wine glass playing on the new song "spanish girl meets the english guy"

nova canção: spanish girl meets the english guy

yes! now i added a wine glass to a song. voce sabe, you fill a glass with water and rub/move your finger around the rim/edge of the glass. then it produces a high heavenly sound which you can hear in this song.
i'm using audacity sound recorder and its superb, professional effects are simple to implement as you shall hear the near the finale of this composition

Monday, 23 March 2009

Poet's Window @ Guess Who god published

This is the poem and song That Voice adapted for the theme of the month.

Read the Complete Story with your free guide, buy 2 get 3 free:

The Other Music: 296 in the world from 52,000 songs

Charts position
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» highest in sub-genre: # 81 (9,494 songs currently listed in World > New Age)
» today's position: # 296 in World
» today's position in sub-genre: # 81 in New Age

Rate the Song Here:

don't give a girl your harmonica

Guillemots = Brasil e Ingles musicos juntos

get the album with these songs. its fantastic.
with more brasil style music and some portuguese speaking

Sunday, 22 March 2009

SeeEmilyPlay good musician songwriter

Ultimate Guitar Profile with songs maybe chords soon

do people want to learn guitar using perry barnes songs...
if yes i'll add the chords and tabs of my songs to ultimate guitar
contact me via comments, profiles or email

yeah man!!

New Friends Poem Poema Novo Amigos

New Friends
Novo Amigos
Perry Barnes and Inessa

new friends don't pay the rent and still they were sent
novos amigos renovam nossa vida
if you believe her, then i'm reviving your life now
Confiança está em primeiro lugar
1st place in the race, match my pace
Amizade não se destroi
perfection in the election makes friendship seem more ours
Amigos...a gente escolhe
the news we don't
Os novos amigos colorem a vida
i colour my own choices and friends are the icing on my cakes
novos amigos, novos horizontes
horizons lighten to brighten tighten your dreams they seem to come nearer
direct to perfect how i select
my friend

Copyright © Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

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Seu Jorge x Damien Rice (Portuguese and Brasileiros watch this)

Friday, 20 March 2009

Julie Sopetrán and Perry Barnes Make a Song

The Amazing Julie Sopetrán who I already highly recommended and continue to,
she kindly lent me her words for a new song, and here it is:
PS: her english poems blog has:

Blog Statistics
* 28,620 hits

One of the things you may Love about Julie's Blog is the wonderful pictures which really add warmth to her poems

Music Showcase

Perry Barnes's Showcase

Dance Artist @ DDP PROduce' / Bunker Records [World]

very good dance music (especially if you Like video games)

Showcase Views: 21,091
Current Rating: 4.63/5 [606 votes]
Vote Rank: 33

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

new song @ Concrete unCertainty

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

New Song: jesus after a makeover

jesus after a makeover

Make me pretty
the best in the city
soft Like my kitty
Make me fit

Give me a lift
make me Feel kissed
my favourite dance and drink
with some twist

rock and stroll,
amuse me
2's me
who'll do the deed

i want to look Like jesus after a makeover

“i aint religious, I just wanna look good”
after another awesome section
“Tonight, i'll be the princess”

Enne sundariyakku
Ee pattanathile ettavum sundari..
Ente poochakkunjine pole
Enneyum mriduvakku
Enne chumbichukond
Nee ennodoppam aadu
Ninte nrithachuvadukal kond
Nee enne aanandabhrithayakku

Thanks Nisha (princess) for translating this

Copyright Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

Number 1 in the World

Hi Guys and Girls
I found on Sound they have a World Chart and Genre chart

The Perry Barnes Song "I'm Brilliant" has these ratings:

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Rate the Song Here:
Maybe it could be Number 1 in the World

Monday, 16 March 2009

Welcome to 100 New Perry Barnes Listeners this 7 Days
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Sunday, 15 March 2009

One of Our Viewers

MySpace Video

That Voice Essa Voz

That Voice - Copyright © 2009 Perry Barnes All Rights Reserved in All Media
dheasy @ 5 Stars Rating for This Blog

tq before ^_^ (thank you for before)

i've seen ur blog tu^^ (i have seen your blog too)

so cute..
i like it^^, wow!! soundclick.. i'll try to join it^^

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Friday, 13 March 2009

Show Case Your

Donations for Perry Barnes Music

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

website to sell your music easily

This website has many many features. It Makes it very easy to sell songs, i did it within 5 minutes. You can also sell the license to your songs. So you can make money as a songwriter.
Every website i have found has its own excellent things. I wonder which websites I will eventually use the most, i currently use 5 because they are all helping
what is music when you can listen 1,000 times a cd
its art
its wallpaper
its the room
its the air
its your own movement
its my thoughts

Perry Barnes Copyright 2009

Reverse the Drums Album @ Musicians

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Neil Diamond: The Jazz Singer

I Like this film and especially the music in it. Its the 1st time i pay attention to Neil Diamond, its a good film and the music adds to it. For the film historians The Jazz Singer was the 1st commerical film ever made with sound in 1927 i think. So it was remade as this version for this historic reason i believe.

I was watching the film and i Feel Inspired and decided "I am going to make a music album, it will be easy, i just need 10 songs".
and I made the cds today for my friends for the Reverse the Drums album.
Set your goal and do it!

The Title of the Album "Reverse the Drums"

To Reverse the Drums is to reject your culture, most rules and choose that which is true and right in your heart of hearts. Eventually people agree with what is right and thus follow your bliss, be happier than you can be and be the best human for humanity.

Perry Barnes 2009

Copyright (c) Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

oh my gods, i amaze myself

I wrote a melody which sounds very beautiful.
so then i think "hmmm which is a beautiful poem" so i choose That Voice
and i put them together.
I think maybe i'm reaching professional level now, i need a better microphone too

Listen to that voice
Concentrate cause theres something there
No theres not, do something productive
Stuff productivity, make yourself happy
What, by listening?
No. By talking idiot.
But if you talk too much
She will be your weakness
And you will be hers
You just cant help blurting out info
That will damage your already crap position
Weird, that by making her happy
You could make your foes hers
Better not talk then
Just get angry and fail to sleep
Back to the positive
How can someone look so good
With such little effort?
Why ask questions when you know the answer?
It doesnt matter, all those aesthetics
As long as the intelligence and morals are there
The lack of effort represents these values
Thus through reverse logic she is the best dressed
How can being in the same room as someone make you happy?
Dont know and dont care
As with most things in life the
input and output is the important thing
Not the understanding
Unfortunately she seems to need help,
although she'd never admit it
& so for her attempt to hold back a smile of happiness
I will ungrudgingly help
I could have got her some flowers
But unfortunately Im feeling funny
So instead, I came up with something thoughtful
And changed a saying to make her laugh
but which I think perfectly describes her
Lamb dressed as Lamb

Copyright © 2009 Perry Barnes All Rights Reserved in All Media

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Perry Barnes Songs on Youtube

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Forever new version Mhacy Stark and Perry

Mhacy sent me this song after I asked for a song to add to.
It now includes harmonica, hand claps (regular and reversed), backing vocals and a new finale.



Flower is a word that
Nature does not say.
But she write in her diary
many times.
A silent man writes
of flowers in the thoughts
of his hidden intimacy.
Only de wind knows the secrets
of a burgeoning world.
Only the wind is losing
on a journey of silence.
Only the wind knows the seeds
that one day will break the fear,
of each man
So he may find
his own flower.

Julie Sopetrán

Friday, 6 March 2009

Poemas en Ingles Poems in English

This is excellent if you are a woman who wants to feel with passion even more.
For a similar effect, read my poems

4shared adds 3D video to its songs

to show you what they are doing, here is the classic Gustavo Andrade singing I Like It

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Blog available as pdf book

All the blog is available to Download as a pdf book for easy viewing:

Perry Barnes Songs and Albums @ Blog Senhor Perry Barnes Cançoes e Albuns @ Blog O Poeta Inglês

Poem Hunter Poems

Click to read my poems

Percebes by Daniela Gregorio & Perry Barnes

This was a poem 20 minutes ago. Now its a song too.


De velhos dias

Ela é fria

Vivendo as estrelas

Falando rapidamente

Minha mente dança no calor

Eu sou o dobro do meu valor

A voz das pessoas

A vida não é boa

A vida é brilhante


Porque as invenções

São pura coincidência e

Nunca paciência

Sempre relevância

Meu império dos sonhos

Princesas chegando

Minha criação

Uma nação

Mantendo relações
Porque suas boas vibrações

Eu percebo

E você?

Outro dia

Falou sério

Hoje, hoje

Faz seu filme

Sua vida é seu filme

Sentir a lente

Perceber é uma palavra visual

Voce ve?

Copyright Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

You'll soon be famous at this pace...

Adorei o seu poema!

I just loved your poem.
See u,

Monday, 2 March 2009

Website for Professional Musicians
The World Tour Continues
This new website wants users to work together as session musicians
It seems quite original

Sunday, 1 March 2009

We Do What We Want
By Daniela Seno Gregório
and Perry Barnes

new starts, in new cars,
from afar we shoot our old masks
and then he asks what it lasts
lasts forever or until novemeber..... 2099
when i was 9, i felt fine, now i feel sublime
My eye don´t lie, this is sublime
she sighs, he resigns from love, deciding to become up above
he tries but she cries while the sky spies
spying eye, its your unconscious, it sees him for what he is, not his business
it sees him for what he does, its her business
mind your own business, let's get down to business, don't mix business with pleasure
pleasure is a treasure
treasure your pleasures increasing Relea>Sing to the skies of ocean purple
accurate perception to perfection my election aids protection
lonely is how i feel
and i need a real heal
keep ur heels moving, improving is moving, soothing thoughts
a heel in your butt, may Heal your perceptions, affecting changes, rearranging, matchmaking with your ideal destiny
All I know is that I don´t know what I think I know.
If I know that I know what I know then I will know what I know.
If I know that I don´t know what I know then I´ll say I don´t know.

Copyright Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

More Excellent Poems:

Album Cover for Reverse the Drums

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Daniela says: Its great!!!!!!!!!
Daniela says: i like it!!!!! :)
Daniela says: I Love the Spiral Rainbow!

Ash says:
ok.. widening your arms, u are inviting people to ur concert.. and you take them to the concert hall.. it indicates the 2nd pitcure.. and with your voice, u take them to heaven..

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