Monday, 27 April 2009

Dream with nisha

Best Female Voice in the World is...

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Manic Street Preachers (the manics)

history of manics > 1991 said they would be biggest band in the world (didn't happen) rebel lyrics ex: "repeat after me, fuck queen and country"
band member dissapeared after they made
their best and most disturbing album 1994's The Holy Bible (songs about nazis, abortion, anorexia, america being liars)
1996 they become massively popular during the Brit Pop indie music trend in england (number 1's in the chart)
1998 "this is my truth tell me yours" their best album (according to me) amazing!! many instruments Like indian sitars, violins, chellos world changing songs
i have never met a person who didn't Like "if u tolerate this ur children will be next"
2000 they went to cuba and played in front of Fidel Castro (and talked to him), wondeful variety of songs on this album, the most varied album they made
has a disco song (which is brilliant)
2004 was lifeblood album which featured more electronic than other albums
2007 send away the tigers > rock and roll > this is a rock anthems album = pure and awesome
right now they have decided to use the missing members remaining lyrics and the results are amazing, the pure raw emotion of the holy bible is in the song i've hear

cantores do mundo @ number 1

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Introduction Introdução

I originally wrote a poem, packed with 2 sentences in one line. So it sounded amazingly 'poetic' although it had no meaning. I didn't intend it with meaning although people who read it, believe i am saying something Profound.
Hmmmmmmm, more poems have taken a many different forms. Some being from love, others being observation of the cattle i talked to, some are answers to questions.

I often go into a creative state of feeling and then give the poem to a recipient who tells me its quality from their facial expression.
and i have published possibly personal poems because I accepted i wasn't that special.

I refuse to hide my genius because they 'were unhappy' that people might not like these poems.

I have seen better poems than mine and until those people forget their old beliefs and publish I shall be the most wonderful

I Use my poems as the lyrical butter for my songs, then add melodies by combining chords which make me feel good, the chord A7 for guitar i really Like, so i play this with other chords until i find something I Like,

or i decide to do something new, like use a harmonica as the base for the melody then add the guitar later, thus the song is create

Perry Barnes

Friday, 24 April 2009

tools to help you learn and improve guitar

chords program which shows you exactly how to play every chord

the best collection of english language songs with the chords or tabs:

the best collection of portuguese language chords (also for 5 other instruments):

digital guitar tuner program (uses your microphone)

how to use your guitar as drums:

Thursday, 23 April 2009

the great seduction

the great seduction


wind blowing free her soul and body against blue skies full of golden light


she sees him and accepts him, stands on the rim between peace and herself


between waters that reflect strong currents of desire twirling in emotional shapes

her shape makes him shape his words in just the right way, k

musing undertones of music like bubbling warmth coming from the infinite

nature's overtones undertones make the tone of their voice deeper, filling her mind

filling the fullness of being one with all

meditating on his shaft, thinking of shopping for babies clothes she close your eyes

she opens herself to silvery lined horizons of newly thoughts sailing her full

complete her, release him, brimming with gold rolled at their feet

aura shivering of brightly coloured energies

shiver turns into a salute, compute the universal language, java in her lava

furious wild fire, running for freedom piercing the skies with lust

projects lighter, brighter tame me, say me me me, kissing in a tree

lightning flashing breaking the conventional and floating in a rare lullaby

traditional joy, be my toy, 15th century man, i float as you want to catch me for cuddles

to sense the truth of knowing nothing, and of being just air

how do you know that?

be IT

information technology

formation of a string of biting bits that filter skin in a twist of pleasure

technology is another way to feel good, as it should we could be come me

one and none at the same time

gun to your pessimismed, shoot you in the sky without a parashoot, what a hoot

life and death dancing together in a waltz of joy

and the clocks stop, the waltz vaults malt risky biscuits for my love, let me feed you tonight

the food only greek gods can bestow upon open human lips in need of paradise

i chute gods everyday, live the human way, each and every day, i have my way with you, take the clues, its not news

(avid atheist)


hours passing, clocks mute to the beating stars in our own hearts

the heart is essencial, if you like that kinder things

if you love love as a whole ideal webbing on cultures as a frugal spider

spin a web of idear, love yourself 1st then it follows as your goldmine focuses on the moon

and nearer to conquer sweetly new lands of happy conquests

bring it more, its better to lick sugar cubes from the horses mouth

go more than you can and you'll reach your own neck, distances bending like a prayer

prayer bends like the lie it is, go past your limits, as you have already every day

way beyond recognition

way = path, beyond = past the last point, path to past the point, do you recognise

Copyright (c) Perry Barnes 2009 all rights reserved in all media

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

how to become the most beautiful girl in the world

How to Become the Most Beautiful Girl in the World How to Become the Most Beautiful Girl in the World VijAy SiNgh For all the Girls who want to become Beauiful.......

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Singing Techniques & Vocal Coaching

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Poem Updates @ Page 60 has Poems with Other Awesome Writers (maybe you)

Perry's Poems Poemas de Perry @ O Poeta Inglês Perry's Poems Poemas de Perry @ O Poeta Inglês muse700 Poems written in the 5 years. One of the things you can love about this book is the poems with portuguese speakers. you may find yourself joying the variety. don't be too surprised if you send it to a friend or lover

Monday, 13 April 2009

Reverse the Drums @ Ocean Toad Version

Barnes + Gustavo + Ocean Toad =

More Ocean Toad here

Learn to Play "Ash" on Guitar Aprender "Ash" pra Violao

Lyrics and Chords here

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Number 1 in the Vocal Charts artist and song

these are for Artists:

Chart Ranking

also the kelma and barnes song "cantores do mundo" is number 1 in the vocal charts:

myself, i really like 5 of my songs (not all 20) and this is one of them
i love it, i do not love the song when i was making it, i listen to it after then i admire it
i like kelma's singing (deep and high), the reverse vocals after the guitar sounds crazy, like the world is reversing or something, and the guitar melody contrasts well with the upbeat backing vocals

Friday, 10 April 2009

2 months of making music and more joy = 557 viewers and 321 song plays
showcase your music = 240 viewers
musicians = 251 viewers charts:
world charts: cantores do mundo 166 from 52,000 songs
jazz charts: poems unite the worlds 100 and jazz fusion chart: 22 from 5,000 songs

showcase your music:
5/5 x 4 votes

Thursday, 9 April 2009

quality hip hop

i like this guy's music, he scores high on many counts

Poems unite the Worlds is 173 in the Jazz Charts and 43 in Jazz Fusion

Vote Here:

Bandcamp @ Ash with fernanda

<a href="">Ash with harmonica &amp; fernanda by Perry Barnes</a>

poem: love the white liquid

Love the White Liquid

you love the cow


now a cow

before it was me

i could see

then she found her ideal cow

wow a cow

i offer a bow

to that cow


could a cow

take my princess

i resist

butt the cow is too sexy

too reflesive


too bright

providing milk

not silk

its milk

Ash says:

I dont like milk

Luis says:

the best protein

i have seen

makes you fit and lean

not in between

lean and mean

the cow kept my love from me

holy moly roly cow cow

Wednesday, 8 April 2009 @ good music website

one of the things you'll love about this album is the variety of styles, you may find yourself listening to 3 songs to get good feelings, don't be too surprised when you find your favourite song

Queen vs Beatles

beatles were massive in america and britain, not the world
a recent conversation with portuguese and spanish reveals that yellow submarine is the only beatles song which they all know
queen were big in america for 2 or 3 years the beatles for 8
however, since then the americans are the most fanatic queen fans (fanatic fans?)
i met 30 of them on freddie mercury's birthday in earls court london
they came from america just to visit his flat
i also direct italian tourists to his house
do people visit john lennon's house this way?

yes the beatles were excellent and alot of the their music stands the test of time
yes better bands listened to them and then made much better music
i got a train this morning so the train company can claim my music? no

all of the beatles made good 70s solo albums and none of them were as good as
led zepplin, pink floyd, queen, thin lizzy, the eagles, micheal jackson

the beatles were bedroom song writers
the absolute best
paul mccartney explains how him and lennon used to write 3 songs a days sometimes
they did not have the natural vocal talent or guitar abilities of the later bands

its like comparing oasis to manic street preachers

sure we love oasis, but lyrically, vocally and guitar god wise manics win everytime

PS: both beatles and oasis cover their songs with violins to hide the bedroom songwriting

for new musicians

thanks so much man,
i discovered reverbnation because of you
and now bandcamp
your articles here are fascinating and open questions which allow people to think alot about your ideas
are there many blogs that give you something which changes how you use your day?
this is one of them anyway

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

my song is publish to @ Learn Guitar

as you are about to see shows the guitar chords and how to play them
it also has another fantastic feature
the chords can play 5 different ways so you can find the best way for you to play the song
these features make learning songs very quick
and give us an advantage over the previous generation
use this opportunity

Sing with Perry Barnes @ Poems unite the Worlds

this is a session with musicians from around the world, if this is your 1st song, perfect
join in the funs

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Learn Guitar with Perry Barnes Songs

you need 4 chords for this song: G, E, A and D7
you can learn these easily with
when you have the chord positions Listen to the rythem of the song and strum in this tempo
practise until you can read the lyrics and strum at the same time

G G > E > G

jesus after a makeover

G > Make me pretty

G > the best in the city

E > soft Like my kitty

G > Make me fit

Give me a lift

make me Feel kissed

my favourite dance and drink

with some twist

rock and stroll,

amuse me

2's me

who'll do the deed

i want to look Like jesus after a makeover

A > D7 > A > D7

“i aint religious, I just wanna look good”


sing the 3 verses again with more attitude

say after the chorus “Tonight, i'll be the princess”

play the G fast for this end section

Copyright © Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

guitar classes available in london £5 an hour

aulas de violao disponivel no londres 5 libras por hora

Excellent Drum Player with Happy Music

Track 16 is the Perry Barnes Song "Reverse the Drums" which Ocean Toad Improves with his playing and Amazing vocal effects


nova canção: Poems unite the World :new song

I wrote the lyrics with Gloria Cunha and soon she'll sing her parts to make this song a duet,
this is the combination of 3 melodies and i created the ending to sound like a record jumping,
so its another cool sound i can use for future songs

poems unite the worlds

poems raise me, gaze me, train me>> to be me
light, becoming bright its my right to say how i like

tugging the string of passion
don't ration me
don't you see
to be free is with me, i give lease to the peace
i increase your needs, she leads, i feel peace
how can i understand your romance
he rants into the open air
it becomes clear
she was his from the start

the flickering, twittering feeling that starts in your stomach
blasting you with the greatest joy of a life
the stars stare into your lair of care
they ask you for classes
bliss for masters

Copyright (c) Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

Friday, 3 April 2009

BBC Radio 6 Listens to my Song

Hello Perry Barnes,

Your track, That Voice, has been listened to by
a producer from the following BBC Introducing programme(s):

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson

This is a good start but remember, a listen doesn't
guarantee it'll be played on air.
However, if they do decide to play your music,
you will get another email from us.

Thanks for sending us your music.

Good luck
BBC Introducing

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Poems Unite the Worlds by Glória Cunha and Perry

poems unite the worlds

poems raise me, gaze me, train me>> to be me
light, becoming bright its my right to say how i like

Luz, tornando-se o brilhante meu direito de dizer o quanto eu gosto,
de saber que você está por perto,
sentir sua respiração e seu desejo

Ver a luz da lua a nos contemplar
e sentir o gosto da noite em nossas peles.
Brilha o seu sorriso na luz cintilante,
que a estrela vem aquecer.
Ao amanhecer a brisa traz um sorriso
sereno em seu olhar

E quando a manhã chegar, estaremos
extasiados de prazer
ouvindo a sinfonia da paixão.
E, finalmente, dormir nos seus braços.

tugging the string of passion
don't ration me
don't you see
to be free is with me, i give lease to the peace
i increase your needs, she leads, i feel peace
how can i understand your romance
he rants into the open air
it becomes clear
she was his from the start

Shine your smile in the flickering light,
that the star has to get warmer.
At dawn the breeze brings a quiet smile in your eyes
..............................Brilha o teu sorriso na luz cintilante,
que a estrela tem a aquecer.
Ao amanhecer a brisa traz um sorriso tranquilo em seus olhos......

Luis says:
the flickering, twittering feeling that starts in your stomach
blasting you with the greatest joy of a life
the stars stare into your lair of care
they ask you for classes
bliss for masters

Estrela says:
a piscar, twittering sensação de que começa em seu estômago
explodir-lo com a maior alegria de uma vida
olhar as estrelas em seu covil dos cuidados
se você perguntar para as classes
êxtase de comandantes

Copyright (c) Perry Barnes and Glória Cunha 2009 All Rights Reserved
Direitos autorais © 2009 Perry Barnes e Gloria Cunha Direitos autorais reservados em todas as mídias

Glória Cunha

Glória Cunha

professional voice and music, expecting big things from this lady
someone may feel the urge to sign her
now, have a look at her page

Fantastic Photos Fotos de Fantastico

Manuela Vaz is amazing photographer and her pictures are unreal (american slang, like Not From This World, they are too good to be of earth)

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Recanto das Letras

this is a good website for promoting or sharing your poems and stories

soundclick video

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