Thursday, 27 August 2009

make me smile faca me sorrir @ video

professional video creation for other genius musicians creacao de videos pra musicos

Hey everyone, a HUGE announcement:

As of today, you can add video clips to your Animoto videos! Watch a few sample videos and find out more here:

You will not believe how good your vids are going to look. And using video clips in your Animoto videos couldn't be easier--no need for a complex video editor! Just follow these three steps:

  1. Upload clips from your camera or phone (iPhone 3GS anyone??), or use some from our collection (thanks to iStockphoto and Getty Images).
  2. Choose your highlights. You can choose highlights of up to 10 seconds each, though we recommend using only 3-5 seconds as that works best within the flow of an Animoto video.
  3. Create the rest of your video as normal, and you're done.

To celebrate the launch of the video clip feature, we're holding a contest in which you can win an action-packed TRIP FOR TWO TO NEW YORK CITY! All you have to do is submit your best video. Sooooo easy. Here's the deal: each week for five weeks, we'll announce 2 finalists, and just for being a finalist you'll get a Flip Mino HD (awesome) or a VholdR ContourHD helmet camcorder (really awesome). Then at the end we'll announce the grand winner, which could be you!

For full contest details, head here:

So, you know when you've got tons of pics AND vids of your kids or some recent trip or party or whatever, and you scratch your head wondering how to share them? I think we all know the Right Answer now.

Thanks and enjoy,

P.s. We don't want to upstage our video launch, but we've also just added some amazing songs to our library from Downtown Music, including tracks from hiphop legend Mos Def, indie rock favorites The Walkmen, and hot new dance/electro artist Kid Sister. You'll find them in the Featured Tracks genre--let us know what you think!

Monday, 24 August 2009

gospel brasileiro

Bianka rezende - says:

Bianka rezende - says:

my ideal nature paradise would be a dream! in summer air, would have beaches, oceans (of course), islands, a lot of trees, flowers, waterfalls, lakes and a vast meadow. In the meadow, would have animals like cows, dogs, cats, horses and chickens... i'd be with my parents, a superman (hahah) and my friends! We'd be happy forever.. we'd cook together, we'd drink together, we'd fall together, we'd

cry together, we'd laugh together, we'd die together ! oh my god, it'd be PERFECT! but it's only a dream... how did i forget? if it's a dream, then let me sleep! dreaming about angels... (or just nature paradise)

Friday, 21 August 2009

nisha @ smart, loyal, focused

Ash @ Jose Luis Fernandez Marquez Version
this was written with ash, me rhyming her words with mine

Dream with nisha Sonho com Ash
ash speaking at the front of the track + she's a dream

Love the white liquid
i wrote this as i was talking to her, i suggested she had fallen in love with a cow and i was jealous, she said "i don't Like milk"

Compliments with lia and speech
includes some of her Compliments like L ovable U nique I ntelligent S mart

thanks for inspiring me habeebee
hope your life is as wonderful as 5 minutes speaking to you


more ocean toad:
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(A) Ron Wess MusaQ! MENTALMUSAQ! Here I Go!
(2009-08-02 08:01:15)
cool vids,like yur songs,like your style and originality,give ya 5 fo sho,keeep bangin,stay focused,get at me new track K PEACELOVE&GODBLESS! RON WESS MUSAQ
(A) 2Dafunk
(2009-07-28 14:41:57)
Real smooth style I like it 5 from me. Peace 2Dafunk
(2009-07-19 20:34:36)
(A) Zivile
(2009-07-17 17:35:06)
Beautiful music, very smooth.
(A) Flocking
(2009-07-13 11:46:23)
great beats, melodies and very cool music in general!! you still got the grooves and we loved it like always!! just passing by to say hey!! see you around! =)

Reverse the Drums @ Ocean Toad Version

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

musicality musicalidade

i like how i can move my hips to brasil music
it forces you to dance, i like that
i like the high pitch of indian singers
the electric guitar high notes in rock music
the storytellIN folk music
the poetry in hip hop
and their confidence
the feelings from muse, epicness and huge soulful emotion
dance music
the euphoria
the crying and then anger from grunge music

the making of The American Seam atras das cenas

the making of The American Seam atras das cenas

The American Seam

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

eye of the tiger @ be inspired

viva la vida + kids choir version

les paul still playing at 90 years

make me smile faca me sorrir

make me smile | Music Upload

Sunday, 16 August 2009

new band nova musica

excellent harmonica, giving me ideas for how to play

nice samples ex: the train, the kids playing

favorites seu julio verne, sertao luna, hora de recreio


Saturday, 15 August 2009

perry barnes

ocean toad

these are the days of our lives the bad things in life were so few these days are all gone now, but 1 thing still remains i look, and i see, i still love you Queen 1991

I am eu estou nisha barnes

I am
nisha and barnes

Em and A7 slide up to the chord and play with a picado after

i am the docks
i am the rocks
Ash says:
I am the skyyyyyyyyyyy
and you are the cloudssssssss
i am chocolate
I am caffeine
I am ..hmmm... I am..I am the sugar
i stir you up
in my cup
Your sweetness adds sweet to my life
your feet walk away with my strife and throw it behind the fence
Ash says:
what happens if you are the sky and me, the clouds?

Copyright © Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

Friday, 14 August 2009

listen here new album novo album

2 albums after the 1st album, here we are, now this guy is editing songs beautifully, playing world class percussion flamenco and using samples to brighten our lives and the songs, various friends, fellow musicians and singers give this album a feeling in sweetness, the poetry i heard emerging from this talent raises the bar a gain

new song chocolate strawberries here

Monday, 10 August 2009

on stage ao vivo

Saturday, 8 August 2009

groovy singing exercises

drawing manga heads front and side

how to draw eyes

learn funk guitar

Friday, 7 August 2009

the streets @ turn the page

music is music, ingles musica nao 'e tudo

due to the dominance of english in the world language scene
english and american music spreads wider and longer than any other music
where as the best music from many countries isn't given as equal an opportunity
the same as hollywood attracts the biggest talent from all the world to direct and star in its movies thus does english music
many bands from portugal and brasil (i mention these cos i observe them and they are a microcosm of world events) play music in english and portuguese to appeal to these audiences of english, and unfortunately their music is still rarely heard by english natives, maybe by 2nd language speakers
norway has a recent upsurge in talent and of course they are all singing in english and coming to london because they have to, most people would assume they are english but they are not, its the hollywood trick again
english and american tv has 1% at the maximum of foreign language music
whilst tv in other countries has 60% english music
so to say english music is the best is retarded, as you unfortunately rarely get to hear any in the world's talent treasure chest
even with the magic in the internet, how can a person search for foreign language music if they don't know the language?
if you say your street is the best ever and you haven't walked outside it then its an irrelevant opinion until you find some other streets
i shall add various amazing earth music here, that most of the time kicks english music's ass

my favourite female voice ever, previously it was eva cassidy

a hip hop and soul fusion band

Sunday, 2 August 2009

you may find yourself LO in VE

you may find yourself LO in VE with a certain perry barnes song and one of the things you may love as you listen to this song is your favourite part
do you like the harmonicas most, or the guitars, or the female singers

Saturday, 1 August 2009

‘Reverse the Drums @ Ocean Toad Version’ has been selected for inclusion on Jango Radio

"Perry Barnes – ‘Reverse the Drums @ Ocean Toad Version’ has been selected for inclusion on Jango Radio
We are writing to let you know that our Program Directors have selected your music to be played on Jango Online Radio"

nuzic musician's competition

Get your best songs uploaded and tell your friends and fans to listen! From July 27th to September 27th the artists with the top 3 most played songs will win

1st 8Gb IPod Touch
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Take advantage of this opportunity to get your music and your name out there!

finding the contest section for more information

other music websites

other music websites you may like are quite new and has signed and unsigned musicians mixed together, 1st competition this month looks super professional and very big prizes like recording contracts brazilian website, good widgets and it plays the music as soon as the link opens groovy

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