Saturday, 30 May 2009

perry's poems @ new edition with how to write poems tutorial

Li@'s poem, marli's, inessa's, nisha's, pancake's, kelma's, lia2's,
the end of the book has how to write poems tutorial
mar has her own section now, she wrote all a poem in 30 seconds the other day
she certainly is a legend
i added some more pictures and varios fonts
don't be too surprised when you fall in love with a certain poem
the writer thanks you for your desire

Perry's Poems Poemas de Perry @ O Poeta Inglês Perry's Poems Poemas de Perry @ O Poeta Inglês muse700 Poems written in the 5 years. One of the things you can love about this book is the poems with portuguese speakers. you may find yourself joying the variety. don't be too surprised if you send it to a friend or lover

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Friday, 29 May 2009

poema pra Li@

lia lia
she's better
never forget her
can i have a lia please?
one to tease
one to freeze
please o please
make a lease
i show her to my niece
i'm at peace
with lia

Thursday, 28 May 2009

google = 1 million results for perry barnes song

round round, get around, i get around, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i get around!!!!!!!!!!!

nova canção: Li@ :new song

spanish girl meet the english guy

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Roberta Campos

new music profile website... its quite good

maybe i should rate these websites, my opinion on the music websites available for indendent artists


most flexibility with music widgets
good charts system with many many genres
options to sell licenses for your songs is the easiest to use


press widget is excellent, and their music widget is more reliable than soundclicks
quick and easy to upload

3. garagem

nice single song widgets
rating system for artists

4. ourstage

best prizes
best looking site

Monday, 25 May 2009

nova canção: traditional musing :new song

i learned a similar strumming technique i to the one i use in this song from this video
excellent teacher

Saturday, 23 May 2009

How 2 Play Indo Flamenco Guitar Percussion

this isn't a tutorial, it was posted 5 days ago so you guys may injoy it
esta nao 'e um licao, 'e foi correi 5 dias atras tao vc pessoas pode desfruir 'e

with this kinder video, its possible to learn by practising one ability at one time
he taps the big part of the guitar and so you can now tap the guitar there as you practise

Friday, 22 May 2009

brave captain @ dance e electronic superstar music maker

2 free albums to download here
i'm still listening to his songs i got 5 years ago
wonderful lyrics, production, a new enviroment in sound

Thursday, 21 May 2009

darkness disappears @ new song written today

guitar sounds quite sweet with the capo on the 3rd section, that's not the feeling in this song

Marli says:
nice song, nice words

capo: secures around the strings and changes the pitch/tone of the guitar
can make a guitar sound Like a ukelele or cavaquinho (high sounds)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

that's real love @ marli and barnes

that's real love

marli and barnes

Marli says:

when my heart stops to see you

this is how i knew, this time its for 2

Marli says:

I do not have half-truths, when you look in your eyes

when i look

honest are the colours of spring, nature doesn't lie

Marli says:

but always evaded me,

their colors and shapes makes me dream then go

luis electim says:

thus it made me tougher, open to new people, and systems

Marli says:

open to new hopes and oscillations

(vc love scientist)

vibrations in the air, you breath in, i sigh, be mine

Marli says:

each new season is always a fresh start where to live, a new love?

are you busy?

i love the good in people and bring it up like a prodigy

I have no miracle in my life, my life is hand to hand won, fight the fight, every day

forget the fight, give me a hug

Marli says:

if in your arms I can rest, i´ll take out my shoes.

i wont touch your breasts, not yet, you feel soft, the 2nd part of my best features

Marli says:

I just want to tread on the ground, to feel my nature to play as a rude caress

lust is not love

a dove told me

or maybe it is

Marli says:

love is different for each person who loves

I love the bare feet, with people who love high heels

how can I choose to love?

Copyright © Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

queens greatest video hits

buy queens videos and albums for a lifetime of enjoyment

Jamendo @ Reverse the Drums 18 song album download baixo aqui

Friday, 15 May 2009

cantores do mundo @ world remix

gustavo, kelma, ash, fernanda some sweet new effects

Heavy Water by Crackle

i Like the 1st song so here it is for you people
2 people and they use every instrument in existence
if they read this.... make a song with me rs

Thursday, 14 May 2009

nova canção: Voice in a Million Dances with Lia :new song

Lia's great voice and i layer 5 voices singing in different tones then add some echo and phaser
1st song i use my drum program for, i add some character to the drums

Vote Here

add this song to your website or blog here

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

nova poemas: new poems

A Jacket

a jacket creates my 2nd skin

warmth is now me

leather is sexy and comfortable

the squeaking noise even is characteristic

it dances in my shoulders

she holds my arms to feel

like this woman

jacket you can be

design you would be

you are shiny blacks

stacks checking racks

a daughter you are so above the atmosphere

and yet the world walks

without dance

practically drinking caffeine

you have seen

Traditional Musing

summer rows towards fruition


spring: from your chair

I swear at those who aren't

the best they can be

horizontal i'm tall

seek my brains

I have a many

attending a habit for wants me


Into a dream diferente from US

up and down so we stay up

launching a floral pattern pushing your buttons

which one you want glued today?

Copyright © Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

Reverse the Drums album lyrics and guitar chords

Reverse the Drums O Inverso da Bateria @ Album Lyrics O Poeta Inglês Reverse the Drums O Inverso da Bateria @ Album Lyrics O Poeta Inglês muse700

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

nova canção: Compliments with speech and Lia :new song

this is the produced version Compliments
Lia sings beautiful (maybe the best female singer on my songs, until marisa monte sings with me)
radio tuner effects, slide whistles and violins + barnes speaking every voice he could improvise
thanks to everyone for the compliments i use in this song
includes compliments from Lia, Nisha, Inessa, kelma, charles nunes, pancake girl
conquer them with love indeed

2nd album Chocolate Medal album cover

Monday, 11 May 2009

nova canção: compliments @ sweet dreams edition :new song

The Do @ A Mouthfull

i hear these on the radio today, they use walkie talkies to get pery interesting sounds

Sunday, 10 May 2009

greastest guitar ever!!! rs jejeje lol

Reverse the Drums @ Ocean Toad Version video

tribalistas @ o amor é feio

guitar chords and words:

big fluffy clouds by the orb (this is art)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Reverse the Drums album @ 16 songs folder free download

Daniela says:


you could speak in my ear all day

Daniela says:


and his magic guitar

luis and his magic voice

I wanna sleep listening to your music today

Lia, Pery, Andrezza:

Pery: lets all write a poem together

Lia: hahhaah a flash poem

Lia: Paulo Leminsk!!!

Lia, Pery i mean he is like u because u have this idea of writing

as a


Friday, 8 May 2009

cantores do mundo video

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Echoes with your voice

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Queen: Roger Taylor: I'm in Love with my car

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A World in Poems

A World in Poems

i feel like there is something more to poetry

poems pop up everywhere

almost everyone i meet in london has written a poem

i did see a program about a guy in the 1800s

he sold products with his poems

the company paid him to market things

he would write a new poem for each product and talk to the newspapers on the 1st day

did i tell u

there is advert in my poems book

£5 i write a poem for u

girl called me

a rival dentists had a poem on their wall

she wants one



and every woman i have ever met loves them

how do you see poems in the world...

songs are written with poems

i do this and famous musicians do too

one my favorite musicians was saying

there is poems on the buses

everyone wants better words to express themselves

thinking of nicely sounding expressions

adverts make pretty songs which people sing to themselves

i'm lovin it

poems are making a comeback

you hear it here 1st

quote me

Copyright Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media competition: words from ourstage artists

Your "Best Advice Ever Given" Story!
there is no electric guitar in nature...
talent is not genetic
people learn to get better and better playing guitar, instruments, singing
from Dr Richard Bandler

Your "State Of The Industry" Story:
there was no industry 60 years ago
people talk about the history of music Like its been here Forever
the 50s seem ancient
and oh my gods, currently its a bit harder for established artists to make money
u2 are crying about their albums being copy on the internet... yeah, and?
its happening to everyone
they still receive radio revenues, tv money, advertising if they want to sell their souls, youtube pay them money, they can tour 50,000 people stadiums
and most wonderwallful from all this
US.. not the us i mean, us people can get 500 people to listen to our songs and love from likeminding people
flipping awesome!!!

the radio is adapting with shows like bbc6 introducing
these are wondertastic times
join the party

Your "Predicting the Future of Music" Story
who knows?
the guy from Sparks recently suggested put everything on vinyl
well, if u2 really care then they can make their own brand record player
with a free new album (vinyl)
i have a cd burner, not a record burner
and people kinder love the records

Monday, 4 May 2009

nova canção: Karma :new song

poems and poetry poemas e poesia

i notice people seem to be very impressed with poems in countries such as brasil, italy, spain
in england however i can't think a famous poet
i heard one guy was speaking poet and he became musician then i heard he was a poet
and 2 brasil girls the other day suddenly mentioned a poet they both hear about
the brasil magazine has a poet on the back pages

how are poems thought about in your country?
is their a way to make a career with poetry?

make a song with the perry barnes

i 1st create the vocal melody and it sounds like its going to be fantastic song, then i thought the guitar didn't suit the vocals, and i updated it again recently using a female voice (kelma), still needs something drums, violin, backing vocals, beatboxer, gospel vocals something Like This

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Ocean Toad Musico @ Cancao Drama

your voice is 500% better without that filter effect
and it makes the rest of the music shine
the attitude of lyrics are quality
the speed up section
guitar is so funky
the drums i think are the strongest element and they are clear to hear in this song too

Ocean Toad @ thoughtless (good song)

and Ocean Toad's remix:reworking of Reverse the Drums:

more ocean toad here

Teacher Feature by Lia and Barnes

Teacher Feature

by Lia and Barnes

being a teacher is not sleazy, controlling their minds through practise,

attracting bright students

do you want to go out with me, teacher? I promisse to do my homework if you say yes.

my professional ethics tell me not too, my soul writes yes yes yes on my back with chalk

ball throwing over your head

boys and girls double-douthing with your hair

spin the ball on the tip of your finger, balance the sweet desire of nature with man made money

its like 100s of shining beacons looking up to someone who was the student, answers in their minds, awaiting activation

making a revolution everyday on that old black board

that is teaching

preaching to minds with facts, cats pounce on knowledge, open the fridge for the brain juice

genius going to the highest cliff

the cliff's notes say bring a parachute

copyright (c) Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

how to beatbox and a drum software synthesizer

want to play drums? not the space for drums, expensive
very well, here is some other options
beatboxing is the art of drumming with your happy lips
and this awesome guy teaches us how with his videos and website

More Class:

a drum program is another option
this one is quite nice to use
and its freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

as shown in another sweet post somewhere else on this blog
you can use your acoustic guitar to create about 10 different drum sounds
don alder is a good example of drum percussion

The American Seam

 cantores do mundo @ this month's chart e competition

Friday, 1 May 2009

nova cancao: The American Seam :new song

wrote this poem 4 years ago commenting about people who travel a million kms when what they want is often where they live, change the behaviour, not the people, kinder thing

i wrote the music with Renato in a cafe, so that's him singing and speaking, i wrote the rest of the music later

CARRIED BY THE SOUND by Julie Sopetrán

I am hearing your heart, your arms…
Muving the space in your walking
Your legs, your feet, your body
In harmony with the deepest notes
In the way to the stars
It is your strong decision who interpret the B flat
Probably you ignore how musical you are
Your paths walk is an earthly sound wave
Crossing black holes
I see you going surrounded by prodigious trees
By the a lighting hummed sex
You are including in this cosmic performance
Where the typical piano is almost broken
Your hot decisive walk impresses me
Trillions of stars flows making forms your image
Cavities, fingers, branches, divine caves
Extending your movement away
From your central blue and black-pink

Copyright Julie Sopetrán 2003

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