Thursday, 30 July 2009

Baarish - Indian Rain Song (Original)

beautiful, isn't it

Baarish - An original song about the emotions stirred in a girl witnessing the first rainfall of the season.

Pardon the nowhere-near-perfect guitaring/singing, this was a single take recording...loved the quirky camera angle so I couldn't resist putting this up here:D

A big THANK YOU to everyone leaving such nice and encouraging comments!

Here are the chords
Capo fret 2
Em A (x2)
Cadd9 G6(320030) A
Em (Em7) A (x2)
C (Cadd9) G
C (Cadd9) G Fmaj7
instrumental + humming
pattern repeats till last stanza (bas gayee nayein aashaein...)
Em (Em7) A(002200) A Asus4
C (Cadd9) G loops till fade out:)

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