Thursday, 30 July 2009

seeing is not believing buy dr barnes

the images below the text were sent to me as if they were fact but useful
hahaha, with some in depth knowledge of health, training and nutrition i realised it was Worth looking into

1. answer phone by left ear > left ear goes to right side of the brain where we make pictures instead of processing language thus its the least suitable ear to use

2. coffee twice a day? most people drink 4 to 8 cups a day, 2 would be healthy
coffee does increase blood pressure thus making it ideal for waking up in the morning and keeping your job, losing your job would be worse for your health
coffee is known to have detoxing effect and the amount of books written about health because the writers were coffee users is large

3. pills with cold water?!?! no no, you should drink them with battery acid, or alcohol or coffee, or with no liquid and choke on the pill

4. everybody in the world has dinner after 5pm, the biggest meal of the day

5. oil = bad, i don't recommend you drink petrol from the station, however many oils are good for you, olive oil anyone?

6. if you have caffeine or alcohol or anything bad in the day then water helps flush your system, thus.... drink more water at night

7. mobile phones produce radiation, not the chargers, oh no, someone died from recharging their batteries, well it was her own fault, 10000000000000000000 people die from rechargable batteries everyday

8. the human body adapts to many things, wearing headphones for a long time is one of them, ask any deaf person who must wear a headphone, maybe keep the volume lower would have been a better suggestion

9. according to who? did god decide this?

10. etc etc etc

the points are, seeing is Not believing, if words have a picture, its still just an opinion, from which source, according to who, if 3 different reliable sources agree on an idear then ok, its probably worth believing, otherwise, be wise

researched health mydears, from 5 years experience, practise and
various sources knowledge

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