Friday, 7 August 2009

music is music, ingles musica nao 'e tudo

due to the dominance of english in the world language scene
english and american music spreads wider and longer than any other music
where as the best music from many countries isn't given as equal an opportunity
the same as hollywood attracts the biggest talent from all the world to direct and star in its movies thus does english music
many bands from portugal and brasil (i mention these cos i observe them and they are a microcosm of world events) play music in english and portuguese to appeal to these audiences of english, and unfortunately their music is still rarely heard by english natives, maybe by 2nd language speakers
norway has a recent upsurge in talent and of course they are all singing in english and coming to london because they have to, most people would assume they are english but they are not, its the hollywood trick again
english and american tv has 1% at the maximum of foreign language music
whilst tv in other countries has 60% english music
so to say english music is the best is retarded, as you unfortunately rarely get to hear any in the world's talent treasure chest
even with the magic in the internet, how can a person search for foreign language music if they don't know the language?
if you say your street is the best ever and you haven't walked outside it then its an irrelevant opinion until you find some other streets
i shall add various amazing earth music here, that most of the time kicks english music's ass

my favourite female voice ever, previously it was eva cassidy

a hip hop and soul fusion band

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