Saturday, 5 September 2009

cultivating passengers @ daniele barnes

cultivating passengers

i cultivate myself, meditate instead of mastibate, same things isn't it, he asked as he masticated

no sentido de preserve

preserve, how i serve my passengers, all the knowledge you can eat if you lick my feet

Daniele says:

É necessario saber viver , a vida passageira. Cultivar e preservar os velhos e bons amigo sabendo que um dia irão partir. Tendo em mente o amor é dom de Deus

È preciso saber conquistar os novos amigos e sermos tolerantes com o outro

luis joia says:

we are the creators, gods are the passengers we cultivate, the great escape, a scape goat, pull your coat over you head, be led, or choose life, all its lies, all its whys and love it


Daniele says:

só assim a vida se estenderá

luis joia says:

extend the bends the high and rising, tidings of tidal wave hello to joy soy s

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auce, its very saucy

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