Monday, 21 September 2009

my fans favourite songs meus fa's cancoes favoritos

luckily my fans say to me which songs are their favourites and thus i realise the best 10 songs of mine
on course, i have my favourites too, and these are their choices

this song was number 1 at for 2 months

"Ash says: I am listening to ur song Ash says: Luis.. wow! I love it ur new song! very impressive! professional! 10/10" (formacao)

"[/c]ryan i will download ur album barnes says: ok, i like you now [/c]ryan[/b] got it now i am hearing Reverse the Drums @ Ocean Toad Version i like it"

"Perry Barnes – ‘Reverse the Drums @ Ocean Toad Version’ has been selected for inclusion on Jango Radio We are writing to let you know that our Program Directors have selected your music to be played on Jango Online Radio"

"Lia says: i enjoyed it alot. cool. i like most the rhythm. very very much! Lia says: well. i do think the finale is perfect the "ohh ohhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh" (reverse the drums with ocean toad)"

"Daniele says: I loved it. I like this lyrics very much. It is very important to know new friendship"

"NJ says: I'm listening now cool... I like the way you use the vocals "Ok just sing it again please, I like it!!!!!!!!!! =) NJ says: you're fantastic You're very good in the video I like"

"Hello Perry Barnes, Your track, Compliments with speech and Lia, has been listened to by a producer from the following BBC Introducing programme(s): BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson Thanks for sending us your music"
Elisiene Barbosa said...

is it me singing?
sad, funny... you!

lia said...

work masterpiece adorable
my voice beautiful.
many thanks!!

"PERFEITA A CANÇÃO lia said (Yestoday at 17:01): MUITO BOM (sobre Novos Amigos)"

number 3 at

Daniele says:

yes I´m fan

I am

nisha and barnes

Em and A7 slide up to the chord and play with a picado after

i am the docks

i am the rocks

Ash says:

I am the skyyyyyyyyyyy

and you are the cloudssssssss

i am chocolate

I am caffeine

I am ..hmmm... I am..I am the sugar

i stir you up

in my cup

Your sweetness adds sweet to my life

your feet walk away with my strife and throw it behind the fence

Ash says:

what happens if

Daniele says:

This is great

sara says:
i really like your voice here in this song
its very good

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