Sunday, 3 May 2009

Teacher Feature by Lia and Barnes

Teacher Feature

by Lia and Barnes

being a teacher is not sleazy, controlling their minds through practise,

attracting bright students

do you want to go out with me, teacher? I promisse to do my homework if you say yes.

my professional ethics tell me not too, my soul writes yes yes yes on my back with chalk

ball throwing over your head

boys and girls double-douthing with your hair

spin the ball on the tip of your finger, balance the sweet desire of nature with man made money

its like 100s of shining beacons looking up to someone who was the student, answers in their minds, awaiting activation

making a revolution everyday on that old black board

that is teaching

preaching to minds with facts, cats pounce on knowledge, open the fridge for the brain juice

genius going to the highest cliff

the cliff's notes say bring a parachute

copyright (c) Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

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