Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A World in Poems

A World in Poems

i feel like there is something more to poetry

poems pop up everywhere

almost everyone i meet in london has written a poem

i did see a program about a guy in the 1800s

he sold products with his poems

the company paid him to market things

he would write a new poem for each product and talk to the newspapers on the 1st day

did i tell u

there is advert in my poems book

£5 i write a poem for u

girl called me

a rival dentists had a poem on their wall

she wants one



and every woman i have ever met loves them

how do you see poems in the world...

songs are written with poems

i do this and famous musicians do too

one my favorite musicians was saying

there is poems on the buses

everyone wants better words to express themselves

thinking of nicely sounding expressions

adverts make pretty songs which people sing to themselves

i'm lovin it

poems are making a comeback

you hear it here 1st

quote me

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