Wednesday, 20 May 2009

that's real love @ marli and barnes

that's real love

marli and barnes

Marli says:

when my heart stops to see you

this is how i knew, this time its for 2

Marli says:

I do not have half-truths, when you look in your eyes

when i look

honest are the colours of spring, nature doesn't lie

Marli says:

but always evaded me,

their colors and shapes makes me dream then go

luis electim says:

thus it made me tougher, open to new people, and systems

Marli says:

open to new hopes and oscillations

(vc love scientist)

vibrations in the air, you breath in, i sigh, be mine

Marli says:

each new season is always a fresh start where to live, a new love?

are you busy?

i love the good in people and bring it up like a prodigy

I have no miracle in my life, my life is hand to hand won, fight the fight, every day

forget the fight, give me a hug

Marli says:

if in your arms I can rest, i´ll take out my shoes.

i wont touch your breasts, not yet, you feel soft, the 2nd part of my best features

Marli says:

I just want to tread on the ground, to feel my nature to play as a rude caress

lust is not love

a dove told me

or maybe it is

Marli says:

love is different for each person who loves

I love the bare feet, with people who love high heels

how can I choose to love?

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