Tuesday, 5 May 2009

ourstage.com competition: words from ourstage artists

Your "Best Advice Ever Given" Story!
there is no electric guitar in nature...
talent is not genetic
people learn to get better and better playing guitar, instruments, singing
from Dr Richard Bandler

Your "State Of The Industry" Story:
there was no industry 60 years ago
people talk about the history of music Like its been here Forever
the 50s seem ancient
and oh my gods, currently its a bit harder for established artists to make money
u2 are crying about their albums being copy on the internet... yeah, and?
its happening to everyone
they still receive radio revenues, tv money, advertising if they want to sell their souls, youtube pay them money, they can tour 50,000 people stadiums
and most wonderwallful from all this
US.. not the us i mean, us people can get 500 people to listen to our songs and love from likeminding people
flipping awesome!!!

the radio is adapting with shows like bbc6 introducing
these are wondertastic times
join the party

Your "Predicting the Future of Music" Story
who knows?
the guy from Sparks recently suggested put everything on vinyl
well, if u2 really care then they can make their own brand record player
with a free new album (vinyl)
i have a cd burner, not a record burner
and people kinder love the records

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