Friday, 4 December 2009

how to write and produce a song

if you want to write songs (my skype address > genius7001):

i give you my strategy

genius7001: write poems [17:26:17]
genius7001: 1. write poems [17:26:45]
genius7001: 2. put 2 chords together, and then put picking strings part [17:26:49]
genius7001: 3. record [17:26:55]
genius7001: with audacity [17:27:26]
genius7001: 4.... mix and change the sounds in audacity, and download samples from
5. publish

[17:28:43] Mario Jr.: oh my god
[17:28:51] Mario Jr.: you are fantastic Luis
[17:28:54] Mario Jr.: thanks so much
[17:29:48] Mario Jr.: i will follow your tips

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