Sunday, 20 December 2009

killing in the name of christmas number 1 @ eff x factor karoke rap

i'm so excited
in the uk
everyone hates The X Factor
its like Idolos
they say its killing real music
and some girl made a facebook page to make a rock song Killing in the Name of, by Rage against the Machine christmas number 1
its old song from 1993
its christmas number 1
i just shouted yes!

Bianka - says:
hsuashauhsauhsauas omg
poem coach says:
the girl on facebook got 1,000,000 followers
and 400,000 bought the song
she's cool
Bianka - says:

poem coach says:
its a great song too
i love it
it started because
they went on the bbc and swear during the song
the controversy made the idea popular i think

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