Saturday, 12 December 2009

poem for marisa monte

marisa monte

caught me by surprise
not her eyes
something more wise
the 1st album
the 3rd to hit my ears
gained cheers, diluted fears
brings perfect portuguese near
so beautiful I shed a tear
everytime I press play
i'm in for a good day
I can lay and the voice helps me sleep
its deep and clear and smooth
it moves people
pulls them nearer together
forever glistening to her rounds of sounds
attracts songwriters like lighters at a concert
concentrate or relax
these are the facts
cd shops stocked with racks
putting the profits in sacks
all because of
copyright (c) perry barnes 2009 all rights reserved in all media

1 comment:

  1. Marisa Monte is really an amazing singer, her voice take you to a higher level.
    Best singer ever!!!!!! Best of Brazil!!!!!!
    Her music also is brilliant just like her!!!!!
    Fernando - San Diego - CA


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