Sunday, 1 March 2009

We Do What We Want
By Daniela Seno Gregório
and Perry Barnes

new starts, in new cars,
from afar we shoot our old masks
and then he asks what it lasts
lasts forever or until novemeber..... 2099
when i was 9, i felt fine, now i feel sublime
My eye don´t lie, this is sublime
she sighs, he resigns from love, deciding to become up above
he tries but she cries while the sky spies
spying eye, its your unconscious, it sees him for what he is, not his business
it sees him for what he does, its her business
mind your own business, let's get down to business, don't mix business with pleasure
pleasure is a treasure
treasure your pleasures increasing Relea>Sing to the skies of ocean purple
accurate perception to perfection my election aids protection
lonely is how i feel
and i need a real heal
keep ur heels moving, improving is moving, soothing thoughts
a heel in your butt, may Heal your perceptions, affecting changes, rearranging, matchmaking with your ideal destiny
All I know is that I don´t know what I think I know.
If I know that I know what I know then I will know what I know.
If I know that I don´t know what I know then I´ll say I don´t know.

Copyright Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

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