Tuesday, 10 March 2009

oh my gods, i amaze myself

I wrote a melody which sounds very beautiful.
so then i think "hmmm which is a beautiful poem" so i choose That Voice
and i put them together.
I think maybe i'm reaching professional level now, i need a better microphone too

Listen to that voice
Concentrate cause theres something there
No theres not, do something productive
Stuff productivity, make yourself happy
What, by listening?
No. By talking idiot.
But if you talk too much
She will be your weakness
And you will be hers
You just cant help blurting out info
That will damage your already crap position
Weird, that by making her happy
You could make your foes hers
Better not talk then
Just get angry and fail to sleep
Back to the positive
How can someone look so good
With such little effort?
Why ask questions when you know the answer?
It doesnt matter, all those aesthetics
As long as the intelligence and morals are there
The lack of effort represents these values
Thus through reverse logic she is the best dressed
How can being in the same room as someone make you happy?
Dont know and dont care
As with most things in life the
input and output is the important thing
Not the understanding
Unfortunately she seems to need help,
although she'd never admit it
& so for her attempt to hold back a smile of happiness
I will ungrudgingly help
I could have got her some flowers
But unfortunately Im feeling funny
So instead, I came up with something thoughtful
And changed a saying to make her laugh
but which I think perfectly describes her
Lamb dressed as Lamb

Copyright © 2009 Perry Barnes All Rights Reserved in All Media

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