Thursday, 26 March 2009

This Month's Top 5 Albums

1. Keane: Perfect Symmetry
>this guy holds a note so beautifully, maybe as good as their 1st album which is the biggest selling album of that year
Highlights: Playing Along, Perfect Symmetry, the david bowie influenced Better than this

2. Kate Bush: Best of
>amazing voice, its deep its high and heavenly, its unHappy its Ecstasy
Cloudbusting (backing vocals), WOW, running UP that hill (with video and dave gilmour version)

3. Marisa Monte: various
sweet heavenly voice, i haven't heard an english speaker with a voice this sweet
(vanesssa da mata may Come near)
velha infancia, 2006 album, when she sings in portuguese (not english)

4. Mark Knopfler: Shang Gri La
this guy continues to impress, his 1980s music is the absolute highlight of all music
(with the 5% of pure gold in all of music) yet he continues to do different styles amazingly
boom like that

5. Neil Diamond: 12 songs
what an amazing album!! neil diamond is in his 50s or 60s and maybe this is his best album
HIGHLIGHTS: delirious love, oh mary, hell yeah

1 comment:

  1. You're not wrong about Neil Diamond's 12 Songs - fantastic album! Neil's latest, Home Before Dark, is every bit as good if not better.


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