Saturday, 25 April 2009

Introduction Introdução

I originally wrote a poem, packed with 2 sentences in one line. So it sounded amazingly 'poetic' although it had no meaning. I didn't intend it with meaning although people who read it, believe i am saying something Profound.
Hmmmmmmm, more poems have taken a many different forms. Some being from love, others being observation of the cattle i talked to, some are answers to questions.

I often go into a creative state of feeling and then give the poem to a recipient who tells me its quality from their facial expression.
and i have published possibly personal poems because I accepted i wasn't that special.

I refuse to hide my genius because they 'were unhappy' that people might not like these poems.

I have seen better poems than mine and until those people forget their old beliefs and publish I shall be the most wonderful

I Use my poems as the lyrical butter for my songs, then add melodies by combining chords which make me feel good, the chord A7 for guitar i really Like, so i play this with other chords until i find something I Like,

or i decide to do something new, like use a harmonica as the base for the melody then add the guitar later, thus the song is create

Perry Barnes

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