Saturday, 4 April 2009

Learn Guitar with Perry Barnes Songs

you need 4 chords for this song: G, E, A and D7
you can learn these easily with
when you have the chord positions Listen to the rythem of the song and strum in this tempo
practise until you can read the lyrics and strum at the same time

G G > E > G

jesus after a makeover

G > Make me pretty

G > the best in the city

E > soft Like my kitty

G > Make me fit

Give me a lift

make me Feel kissed

my favourite dance and drink

with some twist

rock and stroll,

amuse me

2's me

who'll do the deed

i want to look Like jesus after a makeover

A > D7 > A > D7

“i aint religious, I just wanna look good”


sing the 3 verses again with more attitude

say after the chorus “Tonight, i'll be the princess”

play the G fast for this end section

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