Sunday, 26 April 2009

Manic Street Preachers (the manics)

history of manics > 1991 said they would be biggest band in the world (didn't happen) rebel lyrics ex: "repeat after me, fuck queen and country"
band member dissapeared after they made
their best and most disturbing album 1994's The Holy Bible (songs about nazis, abortion, anorexia, america being liars)
1996 they become massively popular during the Brit Pop indie music trend in england (number 1's in the chart)
1998 "this is my truth tell me yours" their best album (according to me) amazing!! many instruments Like indian sitars, violins, chellos world changing songs
i have never met a person who didn't Like "if u tolerate this ur children will be next"
2000 they went to cuba and played in front of Fidel Castro (and talked to him), wondeful variety of songs on this album, the most varied album they made
has a disco song (which is brilliant)
2004 was lifeblood album which featured more electronic than other albums
2007 send away the tigers > rock and roll > this is a rock anthems album = pure and awesome
right now they have decided to use the missing members remaining lyrics and the results are amazing, the pure raw emotion of the holy bible is in the song i've hear

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