Thursday, 23 April 2009

the great seduction

the great seduction


wind blowing free her soul and body against blue skies full of golden light


she sees him and accepts him, stands on the rim between peace and herself


between waters that reflect strong currents of desire twirling in emotional shapes

her shape makes him shape his words in just the right way, k

musing undertones of music like bubbling warmth coming from the infinite

nature's overtones undertones make the tone of their voice deeper, filling her mind

filling the fullness of being one with all

meditating on his shaft, thinking of shopping for babies clothes she close your eyes

she opens herself to silvery lined horizons of newly thoughts sailing her full

complete her, release him, brimming with gold rolled at their feet

aura shivering of brightly coloured energies

shiver turns into a salute, compute the universal language, java in her lava

furious wild fire, running for freedom piercing the skies with lust

projects lighter, brighter tame me, say me me me, kissing in a tree

lightning flashing breaking the conventional and floating in a rare lullaby

traditional joy, be my toy, 15th century man, i float as you want to catch me for cuddles

to sense the truth of knowing nothing, and of being just air

how do you know that?

be IT

information technology

formation of a string of biting bits that filter skin in a twist of pleasure

technology is another way to feel good, as it should we could be come me

one and none at the same time

gun to your pessimismed, shoot you in the sky without a parashoot, what a hoot

life and death dancing together in a waltz of joy

and the clocks stop, the waltz vaults malt risky biscuits for my love, let me feed you tonight

the food only greek gods can bestow upon open human lips in need of paradise

i chute gods everyday, live the human way, each and every day, i have my way with you, take the clues, its not news

(avid atheist)


hours passing, clocks mute to the beating stars in our own hearts

the heart is essencial, if you like that kinder things

if you love love as a whole ideal webbing on cultures as a frugal spider

spin a web of idear, love yourself 1st then it follows as your goldmine focuses on the moon

and nearer to conquer sweetly new lands of happy conquests

bring it more, its better to lick sugar cubes from the horses mouth

go more than you can and you'll reach your own neck, distances bending like a prayer

prayer bends like the lie it is, go past your limits, as you have already every day

way beyond recognition

way = path, beyond = past the last point, path to past the point, do you recognise

Copyright (c) Perry Barnes 2009 all rights reserved in all media

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