Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Queen vs Beatles

beatles were massive in america and britain, not the world
a recent conversation with portuguese and spanish reveals that yellow submarine is the only beatles song which they all know
queen were big in america for 2 or 3 years the beatles for 8
however, since then the americans are the most fanatic queen fans (fanatic fans?)
i met 30 of them on freddie mercury's birthday in earls court london
they came from america just to visit his flat
i also direct italian tourists to his house
do people visit john lennon's house this way?

yes the beatles were excellent and alot of the their music stands the test of time
yes better bands listened to them and then made much better music
i got a train this morning so the train company can claim my music? no

all of the beatles made good 70s solo albums and none of them were as good as
led zepplin, pink floyd, queen, thin lizzy, the eagles, micheal jackson

the beatles were bedroom song writers
the absolute best
paul mccartney explains how him and lennon used to write 3 songs a days sometimes
they did not have the natural vocal talent or guitar abilities of the later bands

its like comparing oasis to manic street preachers

sure we love oasis, but lyrically, vocally and guitar god wise manics win everytime

PS: both beatles and oasis cover their songs with violins to hide the bedroom songwriting

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