Saturday, 4 April 2009

nova canção: Poems unite the World :new song

I wrote the lyrics with Gloria Cunha and soon she'll sing her parts to make this song a duet,
this is the combination of 3 melodies and i created the ending to sound like a record jumping,
so its another cool sound i can use for future songs

poems unite the worlds

poems raise me, gaze me, train me>> to be me
light, becoming bright its my right to say how i like

tugging the string of passion
don't ration me
don't you see
to be free is with me, i give lease to the peace
i increase your needs, she leads, i feel peace
how can i understand your romance
he rants into the open air
it becomes clear
she was his from the start

the flickering, twittering feeling that starts in your stomach
blasting you with the greatest joy of a life
the stars stare into your lair of care
they ask you for classes
bliss for masters

Copyright (c) Perry Barnes 2009 All Rights Reserved in All Media

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